My challenge was to create an identity for each of Selected Independent Funeral Homes’ programs, ensuring that they all feel like part of the “Selected Brand.” As an added challenge, I chose to include a pyramid or triangle in each mark to further tie them together and to act as an “Easter Egg.”

The Program…Funeral homes use STS to efficiently move bodies from one firm to another.

The Mark…Is a visual representation of movement between two funeral homes.

The Program…Firms gain feedback from the families they serve to improve their businesses.

The Mark…Illustrates how the program helps firms reach the pinnacle of what
they can achieve.

SLA Signature

The Program…Members join the Academy to grow their leadership skills.

The Mark…Participants make substantial time and monetary commitments, necessitating a stately identity.

The Program…The Signature Program is Selected’s in-house design shop.

The Mark…The hand-drawn pyramid tittle communicates customization and creativity.


The Program…Funeral home owners gather with their small study groups for support and ideas.

The Mark…People gather around a table. A triangle represents the firm they’re discussing.

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